Fasten your seat belt. You are about to start a wonderful journey through the Divine Revelation: “50 Days Transformed by the Book”. My wish is that the Book of God, the Bible, will occupy a very special place in your life in the next 50 days, and hopefully such an experience will impact your life forever. During these 7 weeks that we will dwell in the Book together, I hope you will “Pray It In, Read It Through, Live It Out and Pass It On”. No doubt you will be transformed by this exposure to the Scriptures, because they are the Word of God. When the Creator and Maintainer of Life speaks, miracles happen. Prepare yourself to receive the blessings that are meant for those who open the Holy Scriptures.


1) Individual: Workbook

I selected and organized 50 devotions written by Ellen G. White about the Word of God. Read one per day

Don’t forget to pray before your daily study of the Word of God along with this workbook. It is essential to have the help of the Holy Spirit to guide us through the Scriptures. I encourage you to set apart a specific time and location to seek the Lord daily.

Before each devotional you will find a prayer moment. Each devotional presents a different list of prayer requests, which you may choose to pray for, in addition to your own petitions and intercessory prayer.

I encourage each of you to keep an organized record of the things you pray for, and how and when God answers them. List things you feel prompted to pray for and requests from family and friends.

Another important element of this project is the intercessory prayer for five specific individuals or families that are around you and haven’t accepted the 3 Angels’ Message yet. Boldly ask God to impress on you five individuals/ families that He would like you to especially pray for on this journey.

Each week you will find a “Homework” assignment that challenges you to interact somehow with these five individuals/families you are praying for. We must pray for them, but we cannot neglect our actions and efforts to reach them. Embrace these tasks seriously.

Another weekly assignment of the 50 Days Transformed by the Book is the memorization of verses from the Bible. At the end of the project, you will have hidden in your heart seven bible texts – a verse per week – it is not impossible to accomplish it, right?

I cannot forget to mention the other elements that are part of your day-to-day use of this workbook

  • Quote of the Day – Each day you will come across someone’s thoughts about the Book of God.
  • Did You Know? – Curiosities and interesting facts about the Bible.
  • Going Deeper – Concepts, definitions, ideas and important suggestions about the Scriptures.
  • Question – A brief question that aims to help you grow in the Word of God.
  • In Letters of Gold – In one of her first visions, Ellen G. White saw “in letters of gold the chapter and verse of fifty texts of Scripture”. Well, we do not know the reason these 50 Bible verses were picked, but who knows, maybe one of them will have a special meaning in your life in a specific way. For this reason, do not forget to read one verse per day.


2) Family: Family Worship Time

During this period of 50 days, we encourage each and every family to worship together once a day. We know that spirituality in the church is a reflection of spirituality in the home. Strong family, strong church. United family, united church. Spiritual family, spiritual church.

We do not intend for family worship to feel compulsory and burdensome, but rather, dynamic and lively. Therefore, we suggest a few songs for family worship. We also provide you with a daily video. In each video you will find a Kid’s zone, with a special children’ story for you. After the Kid’s Zone, there is “God’s Book… My Story…” where you will discover a testimony and someone’s favourite bible text. The last segment of our videos is “Time in God’s Book”. This is a short devotional about the Bible with one of the 7 pastors.


3) Small groups: ABCs of Prayer

For the seven-week duration of the 50 Days Transformed by the Book program, we prepared seven sessions for Small groups. These weekly studies are designed to promote the study of the fundamentals of the Bible.

Each person taking part in the 50 Days Transformed by the Book movement should also take part in a Small Group of the 50 Days Transformed by the Book. Get together with friends and family to experience this aspect of the program.


4) Community: Church

Churches that adopt the 50 Days Transformed by the Book program will also promote activities that encourage the study of the Bible. Sermons, prayer meetings, fasting times, and bible study groups are but some of many activities churches or individuals may choose.

Don’t forget to encourage others to join us in this transformation by the Book. Keep in mind, “There’s nothing like God’s Book for showing us the way to salvation through faith in Jesus Christ.”



The College Park Adventist Church wishes to thank Pr. Douglas Pereira and the Pinehouse Seventh-day Adventist Church for your hard work in preparing the 50 Days Transformed by the Book Series, and for inviting us to participate and partner with you.